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3 Useful Tips to Stop Hair Fall Problems

Hair Fall Problems

Nowadays, hair fall become a common problem for men and women. People are now still trying to figure out what they can do for their hair fall problems. There are many things that may cause hair fall problems: oily scalp, dandruff, hereditary, stress, tension, hormonal factor and wrong diet. Here are three useful tips for you that can help you solve hair fall problems. The first tip is using natural oil treatments. This oil treatment can make your hair root stronger so hair fall can be reduced frequently. All you need to do is rub your scalp with natural oil such as olive oil, coconut oil etc. Before massaging your scalp, heat the oil until it warm. After massaging your scalp for few minutes, cover your hair with shower cap. You can rinse your hair after an hour waiting. You can apply this treatment three times a week.

The next tip for stopping hair fall is using natural juice treatment. You can use ginger juice, onion juice or garlic juice for hair fall treatment. You need to rub the juice on your scalp. Leave it a night then you can wash your hair with mild shampoo. This treatment is more effective if you use it three times a week. The third tip on solving hair fall problem is hair or scalp massaging. Massaging your scalp can improve blood circulation. If blood circulation is improved, the nutrition for your hair can be completely delivered. This can make your hair stronger.

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October 5, 2013 at 7:03 am
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