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A Great Look with Tummy Tuck Surgery

Due to lifestyle and the aging process, human appearance is bound to change. Some of these changes are attractive while others bring about unsightly or flabby bodies. This may lead to depression, low self esteem and poor self image. This can however be alleviated through cosmetic surgery such as the Tummy Tuck Surgery.


What is it?


This is a medical procedure performed to shape the stomach. This is done by getting rid of excess fat and skin between the lower abdomen and the pubic area. During the process connective tissues are tightened and the excessive skin re positioned.

Why is it done?

The surgery aims at improving the appearance of the abdomen. A flabby abdomen could be a result of accumulated fats, excess skin, poorly elastic skin and poor stretching of the abdominal fascia.


It is also done to remove stretch marks below the bellybutton. You may consider undergoing this surgery if you have had a C-section or have a week abdominal wall.


This procedure should not be performed if you consider a future pregnancy, losing a lot of weight, have a chronic condition or have a body mass index greater than 40.

Before undergoing this surgery, it is advisable to be well prepared and to also understand the risks that come with it.


Preparing for the surgery


Before the procedure you should visit a doctor for close examination on your medical history.


It is advisable to stop smoking, avoid medication that increase bleeding such as inflammatory drugs and aspirin. You are expected to maintain a stable weight three months before the surgery. Overweight persons are recommended to lose weight before then. Take an anticoagulant shortly before the procedure to prevent clotting of blood.


The procedure


The surgery takes about three hours during which the one is injected with anesthesia to induce sleep. The plastic surgeon re-positions the skin around the belly button by making incisions. The incisions from hip to hip are then stitched together.


You are likely to experience moderate pain after the procedure; this is controlled by pain medication. Swellings might appear, this takes six to nine weeks to resolve. During this period you are expected to reduce movements and positions which might strain the incision line as they could re-open the wound.


Tummy Tuck Surgery improves the appearance of your abdomen. This is a life long-term result but it requires you to maintain a stable weight to retain. It is not very complex and its cost is worth it.

April 20, 2014 at 4:04 pm
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