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Early Stage Symptoms for Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a nightmare that can happen to either women or men. In every minute, there are 1000 people die because of this illness. Of course, you do not want cancer grows in your body or in your family. Therefore, you have to know what symptoms that appears in early stage of breast cancer in order to get early treatment that make the chance to survive bigger.

  • Stage 1 and stage 2 are the breast cancer early stage. In those stages, the cancer no more than 2 cm wide and it does not spread to other part of body yet or in other words, the cancer does not involve the lymph nodes yet.
  • In early stage, your nipple will feel sensitive when you touch it. It feels pain or discomfort in the place where the cancer takes place. The cancer can locate in any parts of your breast including in under your arm.
  • The breast cancer may discharge your nipple with liquid in clear red color or yellowish. It usually contains blood or pus. This symptom may the easiest symptoms that can be identified since you cannot deny that something wrong happens inside your breast.
  • If the stage improves from first stage to second stage, the pain is more felt. If the stage 1, the pain is achier, the stage 2 the pain is shooting. You can feel other parts around the breast are also feeling the pain.

Breast Cancer

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