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How to Dye Your Hair Effectively

dye hair

Many people like to dye their hair instead of in salon. But it will consume much time and troublesome so you want to make the best dye that will long lasting. You need to know how to make your hair in good color and how to dye your hair effectively.

Before you dye your hair, it is better for you to shampoo 2 days or 3 days before. You can also use hot oil treatment to make your hair softer and healthier. It can make the process of dying easier and the color will last as long as possible. Make sure that the color in the coloring box is suitable with your taste and the product does not make allergy for you by trying to color on a small part of your hair. When the coloring begins, do not forget to see the direction in the box and you have to do it appropriately. After you get your hair dyed, use shampoo special for color-treated hair. Moreover, you can use product that protect your hair from UV rays. Both items are important to keep the color shiny.

dye hair

The things that you should avoid are shampooing your hair before 24 hours after you dye it. You also forbid using hot oil treatment once your hair colored. Keep your hair dry in whatever conditions but be careful of high heat because both of them can make the color fade faster.

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October 15, 2011 at 2:22 pm
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