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I Decided to Look Younger and Happier Again

I had known for about 20 years that smoking really damages your skin. But that did not make me fear smoking, as sad as I am to admit that. I continued on for many decades. I really noticed that I looked so much older than everyone I know who does not smoke. I heard that getting Restylane in Denver can help to hide some of the damage. I was tired of looking much older than I feel, so I decided to get it done. I wanted to be happy with what I look like, rather than so down on my appearance.

I met with a well-known doctor who has worked with skin damaged from smoking quite often. He pointed out how it would be simple to do some work and I would look many years younger. When I asked him how many years he thought he could take off of my appearance, he said that most people generally look about 10 years younger after he is done working on them. That sounded good to me because I felt like I looked 10 years older than I really am. I was even happy to learn that I could make payments on everything that he would do on my credit card. I called it my early birthday present to me.

The doctor told me that it would take a few days to see the full results. Each day, I would find myself bounding out of bed to go look in the mirror. Every day, I noticed more of a positive difference. By the middle of the third day, I found myself smiling at myself in the mirror. I could see a big change! I was so happy to have the old me from 10 years back. It really helped my self-esteem in a big way.

December 9, 2016 at 5:32 pm
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