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Safe Exercise For Arthritis Pain Relief

The symptoms of arthritis and the pain relief measures most effective for most forms of the disease are a double-edged sword for sufferers. With exercise and movement comes pain. With pain comes less exercise and movement, which eventually leads to a worsening of symptoms. Sufferers feel like not moving is the solution when in reality, mild, gente exercise greatly improves range of motion and provides pain relief in sufferers. The more you move, the more you are able to move.

Tai Chi for arthritis is now recognized as one of the most effective forms of exercise for arthritis patients. Physical therapy outlets sometimes recommend it because of its gentle, fluid motions in stimulating the body and mind of the patient. For patients, Tai Chi’s benefits aren’t just physical. The peace and rhythm of the movements bring a newfound attitude toward life and the good things to be found within it. It’s a form of physical meditation that doesn’t get boring. Routines vary depending on the instructor, the patient can come up with their own routines, and in the end range of motion increases in a gentle, safe manner.

Before turning to harsh narcotic medications that run the risk of addiction and side effects, an exercise program in Tai Chi is strongly recommended. Resources for routines and the history of Tai Chi as well as additions to its benefits are posted online in the content of helpful websites that focus on natural pain relief for arthritis patients. With the right outlook, attitude, and determination Tai Chi can become an important part of relief.

October 31, 2014 at 1:28 pm
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