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The Effect of “Drinking Water” for Your Skin

Drinking Water

There are many opinions spoken about the effect of water for skin health. Some believe that water can make your skin glow and younger-looking while the others say that water does not have any effect for skin. Which opinion is true?

Drinking Water

Well, before you decide one of the choices, you have to know that water is useful for organs in your body. The reason is your body consists of 70% water so if you do not drink enough water, your body will dehydrate soon. Water is very important to omit toxins inside your body. Moreover, it is beneficial for your digestion and excretion system.

Skin is also an organ that consists of cells made from water therefore drinking water is a must for you to keep your skin healthy. If you lack of hydrate, your skin will dry and it tends to wrinkle immediately. You may not see the significant change in your skin by drinking water or not but you will know it if you ever feel dehydration before.  In addition, you should prepare a bottle of water in your bag because you need to replace water in your body that has been used for your activity.  You also need to reduce drinking soda or caffeine because the best beverage for your healthy is pure water.

February 15, 2012 at 2:49 pm
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