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Why You Should Avoid Obesity ASAP!


Obesity is bad and all people in the world now that. It does not give you any advantages and you should start to diet or go to psychiatry or doctor to treat this problem as soon as possible. If you have normal weight, you should avoid overweight or obesity as far as you can by eating healthy food and having healthy lifestyle. It will be very dangerous if obesity become something common in our surrounding.


Obesity can cause many diseases from mild to serious one. There are so many health hazards that obese people can experience including heart disorders, type 2 diabetes, breathing issue, and many more. Those diseases can make their life worse and people around them will feel worry because of it. Moreover, there are always social issues from obese people society. Many people make fun or mock them because those people only see their physical appearance. Other people may not respect obese and forget that them as human as well as them.

Those advantageous will make obese people stress. The rejection from society and workplace also the disease that may start to grow in their body can cause depression and frustration so they will isolate themselves from surrounding. In the end, they have given up already to make change in their live.

December 16, 2012 at 2:44 pm
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